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Top 10 IT spends


Microsoft Windows2000 Deployment Conference

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At last year’s NT show in London, Windows NT & 2000 explorer conducted a mini questionnaire at its stand.

The object of the survey was to find out what companies were going to spend the most money on in 2000. Respondents were asked to rank their top three IT spends, three points for what they plan to spend the most on and one point for the third most important projected spend in 2000. The points for each item were totalled and are shown below as a percentage of the total number of points awarded. So, listen up all you vendors, here’s what you should be selling if you want to make money in 2000: Top 10 ITspends questionaire results

Workstations and servers are comfortably ahead of the rest with 37% of the available points between them, making them the most important areas for IT spend in 2000. 30% of respondents cited Workstations as their number-one item as opposed to only 13% who chose servers, but both were consistently in people’s top three. Compaq is the most popular choice of server for those who specified a particular make, and HP is the second most popular.

Of the items that didn’t make it into the top ten, messaging and development appeared the most frequently, and network upgrades were also mentioned.