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Special reports -   June 1999
This months special report: interoperability

Microsoft Windows2000 Deployment Conference

  • Open up
    It’s good, but it ain’t that good – yet. Annie Gurton talks to the industry about NT in a multi-platform environment.Without doubt, respect and credibility for NT is increasing. More users with larger solutions, many with a significant real time element, are introducing it either partially or totally at the enterprise systems level. Yet there is a continual and somewhat perverse industry obsession as to whether it will survive, flourish or even eventually come to dominate in the enterprise space.
  • Sweet dreams
    Is true interoperability merely a pipe dream or is it a real possibility? Ian Murphy investigates. Interoperability is one of the holy grails of the computer world yet it can sometimes appear as a poisoned chalice to vendors. For many years, vendors made their money by locking users into their systems and making it prohibitively expensive to change either the hardware or the software (which was all too often dependent upon the hardware).