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Product announcements - BindView unveils strategy for controlling the enterprise (14.03.00)

BindView Corporation has unveiled its strategy for controlling the enterprise and e-business infrastructures enabled by the Windows 2000/Active Directory environment. BindView’s Risk Management Solutions provide a comprehensive approach to controlling, administering and assuring the availability of Windows 2000/Active Directory, and the associated e-business services and business-critical applications that depend on it.

BindView delivers cost-effective ways for businesses to manage the risks threatening the safety, integrity and availability of the e-business infrastructure. The bv-Admin product family will simplify day-to-day administrative tasks and migration to Windows 2000, and will include the recently added DirectManage products. The bv-LifeLine product family will provide capabilities for availability and performance monitoring, as well as service-level management, and will include BindView’s existing bv-lifeline products and IntelliPACS for real-time monitoring of the Windows NT/2000 platforms.
BindView solutions are available in the UK from Peapod.

For further information see www.bindview.com or www.peapod.co.uk.