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Product announcements - RSA Security unveils authentication solution for Windows 2000 (14.03.00)

Unipalm has announced that RSA Security has revealed its two-factor user authentication solution for controlling access to Windows 2000-based networks, IIS Web servers and desktops. An important third-party security product included on the Windows 2000 CD, the free RSA ACE/Agent for Windows 2000, is designed to make it easy for companies to reduce risks associated with conducting electronic business. RSA Security extends the native security in Windows 2000 with RSA SecurID authenticators.

RSA SecurID solutions provide centrally managed, strong, two-factor user authentication services for enterprise networks, operating systems, e-commerce websites and other IT infrastructure, designed to ensure that only authorised users access data, applications and communications. Supporting a range of authentication devices, RSA SecurID solutions are intended to create a virtually impenetrable barrier against unauthorised access, protecting network and data resources from potentially devastating accidental or malicious intrusion. RSA SecurID installations are managed through RSA ACE/Server authentication management software, providing the ability to scale deployments in the hundreds of thousands of users.