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Product announcements - GFI launches free 5-user version of LANguard (14.03.00)

GFI is offering a free five-user version of its Internet access control tool, LANguard. LANguard ensures productive use of the Internet, monitors internal traffic for threats, and helps secure the network against authorised access. LANguard also includes a revolutionary feature that can prevent web searches for specified words and phrases.

LANguard enables a company to monitor Internet use on its network and allows the company to block types of external traffic or specific sites that it deems non-productive. This way, through LANguard an organisation can set up its own network policy and block types of traffic (e.g., IRC, FTP) as well as preventing access to specific sites.

LANguard also helps protect against internal security threats, such as users accessing confidential data and hacking into shares to which entry is barred. LANguard shows the security administrator which users are accessing specific shares on PCs so that users who have cracked some else’s password can quickly be detected. It also helps to block all TCP/IP external traffic from the Internet and helps protect the network from electronic break-ins, penetration attacks, hackers and other threats.

The free 5-user copy is available from www.languard.com/languard/landownload.htm