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Product announcements - Testing time (06.03.00)
.The latest products from the fast moving world of Windows NT & 2000

Mercury Interactive, the testing company specialising in Internet application testing solutions, has announced the availability of a hosted Web-based load-testing service: LoadRunner ActiveTest.

"The explosion of ‘dot com’ businesses shows that e-business is entering a new phase," says Andy Crosby, Mercury Interactive’s European Field Market Manager. "It’s no longer adequate to have a shop window on the web, or offer brochures for download. People are starting to do serious business over the web – and that means that they’re starting to hit performance problems." "Testing isn’t glamorous – it never has been – but it is essential if businesses are going to meet customer demand. With ActiveTest, we offer a fully outsourced testing solution which will subject your e-business site to the kind of stress it will get in the real world. ActiveTest will tell you whether your site is ready for prime time – and we undertake to carry out the test in a day."

ActiveTest, powered by Mercury Interactive’s LoadRunner software, stress tests websites with actual traffic before they go live. Rather than simply trying to overload the site with connection requests, ActiveTest emulates the behaviour of thousands of real users.

"We can currently emulate up to a hundred thousand simultaneous connections," says Crosby; "that’s about as high as our current NT configuration will go. The average large site gets around ten thousand visits per day, so that’s not a major limitation. By way of comparison, simultaneous accesses of the American Superbowl website this year peaked at around 60,000."

The development of ActiveTest is in line with the current trend towards web-based hosted applications and outsourced electronic services, which is reflected in the growth of the ASP marketplace. Mercury Interactive’s integrated performance testing and monitoring suite also includes LoadRunner, the performance monitoring tool Topaz and the hosted monitoring solution ActiveWatch.