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Distinctive and opinionated views of the world of Windows NT / 2000. Our regular columnists are Ian Murphy, Mark Vernon, Dr Simon Moores and Mike Thompson.

Microsoft Windows2000 Deployment Conference

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Latest opinions...
  • A two-way street (16.03.00)
    In this month’s View Point, Mike Thompson looks at how Microsoft is addressing issues of interoperability and integration with Unix platforms

  • Open House (03.03.00)
    As businesses race to become e-businesses, Simon Moores advises caution when opening up your internal systems to the all-seeing eye of the Internet
  • Golden chalice or poisonous snake? (29.02.00) - Will the projected growth in Applications Service Providers prove to be of mutual benefit to all parties in the IT industry, or is there a sting in the tail? Mike Thompson takes a look at ASP.
  • Keep your distance (29.02.00) - Efficient and successful distance learning is essential if business is to survive.
    Ian Murphy takes a look at one way to combat the skills shortage.
  • The gold rush The floodgates are about to open. The Butler Group’s Mike Thompson looks at how Windows 2000 will affect training companies.
  • Pearly Gates -Bill Gates’ recent visit to the UK has sparked off a few thoughts for Mark Vernon.
  • All change - December 1999
    Will Windows 2000 change the whole world? Mike Thompson thinks not
  • Value for money - December 1999
    IT managers nowadays want to see a good Return on Investment (ROI) after any purchase. Can Windows 2000 ensure it? Mark Vernon finds out.
  • A (non) eventful year - December 1999
    Ian Murphy looks back at what should have been a very eventful year for technology
  • Et tu McNealy? - December 1999
    Simon Moores jostles for space on the Linux bandwagon

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