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opinionA two-way street (16.03.00)

In this month’s View Point, Mike Thompson looks at how Microsoft is addressing issues of interoperability and integration with Unix platform
s. Microsoft’s dream of Windows 2000 being the de facto platform standard for the enterprise is still a long way from fulfillment...

special reportsIntegrating Unix & NT (08.03.00)

Unix has always been a dirty word in Redmond. Microsoft's spurned love affair with Unix through its Xenix product gave way to the NT days when the company tried to pretend Unix didn't exist.
. MCSE help!Win2K exams - Microsoft demands higher failure rate (16.03.00)

Microsoft seems to have put almost as much effort into the new Windows 2000 exams as the product itself, in a determined effort to re-establish credibility for the whole MCSE/MCP scheme. MCSE certification has come to be seen as a joke by some employers...

featuresarchiveUnited front (22.03.00)

Sushi Nair explains how to create integration rather than disintegration and illustrates the tools and choices available.

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featuresarchiveWeb Forms and Web Services (16.03.00)

Dave MossDave Moss examines Web Forms and Web Services for users and developers.
There’s an exciting new development for the web. Now, please don’t run away screaming. Seriously, this is very neat stuff, so make yourselves comfortable, and discover how cool life just became if you are a developer, and how better off you’ll be as a user when you see what this new technology can do.

Jargon bustersSafe arrival (03.03.00)

Mik Stevens looks into making remote application delivery secure

opinionOpen house (03.03.00)

As businesses race to become e-businesses, Simon Moores advises caution when opening up your internal systems to the all-seeing eye of the Internet.
Video Users Report Highest Reliability
An independent user survey conducted by Sunbelt Software has concluded that Windows 2000 Professional is 3 times more reliable than Windows 95/98 and twice as reliable as NT Workstation.
Video Managing apps with NetIQ
(07.03.00) *real video*

Andy O'Brien talks to Simon Robinson from NetIQ about Windows 2000 scalability, active directory and NetIQ's relationship with Microsoft.(approx time 4:50)

VideoWindows 2000 on everything!
Frank Puranik - Heroix(01.03.00) *real video*

Frank Puranik, Global Technical Director, Heroix explains to explorermag.com how Heroix will be implementing Windows 2000 internally, how RoboMon encompasses Windows 2000 and how the new o/s shapes up against other enterprise operating systems. (approx running time 6:15)

VideoChris Cavanagh & Stuart Ashdown - Executive SoftwareGood housekeeping with Diskeeper 5.0
(06.03.00) *real video*

Chris Cavanagh & Stuart Ashdown from Executive Software explain why disk defragmentation is an essential part of Windows 2000 and what features Windows 2000 professionals can expect from Diskeeper 5.0.

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