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Exploring 2000
John Savill and Bob Walder take the lid off Windows 2000, both professional and server editions, by detailing the changes and new capabilities, not to mention any pitfalls that can be found when upgrading to Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows2000 Deployment Conference

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Current exploring 2000 articles
  • Replication is the real thing (06.02.00)
    John Savill
    takes a look at inter- and intra-site replication
  • AD v NDS (Part 2) (29.02.00)
    This month, Bob Walder continues his detailed look at Active Directory (AD), comparing it with its main competitor – Novell Directory Services (NDS). (See Bob’s previous article, January 2000.)
  • Compare and contrast
    Bob Walder takes a look at Active Directory and Novell Directory Services
  • What's in it for me?
    John Savill
    explores NTFS 5.0 to see how it would suit him.
  • Imposing safety measures - Dec 99
    Bob Walder takes a look at how Active Directory enforces security on a Windows 2000 network
  • Taking control - Nov 99
    Bob Walder investigates Policy-Based Networking
  • By design - Oct 99
    Bob Walder investigates Windows 2000’s scalability, manageability and reliability.
  • On the move - June 1999
    Bob Walder looks at the facilities for mobile computing.
  • Red tape - May 1999
    Bob Walder looks at administration and management.
  • International assembly - April 1999
    Bob Walder examines Windows 2000 installation and its multi-language facilities
  • Construction kit - March 1999
    Bob Walder explores the problem-solving world of Dfs
  • Considering connectivity - February 1999
    Bob Walder looks at the issues involved in building corporate-wide networks for a changing workplace
  • Masters without slaves - Jan 1999
    John Savill delves deep into the workings of multi-master replication. This article is based on NT 5.0, Beta 2.

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