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- Heroix joins the fight against crime (Feb 2000)

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Securicor has come a long way since their guards first patrolled the West End of London. There are presently 500 people employed within Securicor Communications division in Wiltshire, with a 49 million turnover.

Securicor Information Systems is the largest growth area for Securicor Communications. SIS provides 24 hour support to users of critical systems and 80% of all calls that come into the Call Centre are from the emergency services (including mobile resource). Today, many of the 43 Police Forces throughout the UK will be turning to Securicor Information Systems for the implementation of applications that will enable them to manage and combat crime more effectively.These mission critical applications will be managed by Securicor Information Systems and provide Police Forces with a secure and cost effective strategy.


"To ensure the reliability of the systems running these applications we looked at several system monitoring tools. Some of which were ‘Frameworks’", said Terry Brown, Managed Services Deputy Director at Securicor Information Systems. He continued "RoboMon was chosen by Securicor Information Systems because it does not rely on the network so we can use our own secure modems. Security is very important, especially when working with the Royal Ulster Constabulary." RoboMon was chosen as the right solution because of remote monitoring and remote server agent management. RoboMon also gave the ability to use existing secure modems and there would be no need of a communication break on current networks.

RoboMon is used to manage system problems, eg. file space, log files, stalled print queues and other housekeeping tasks. Securicor has no problems writing it’s own rules within RoboMon, which was part of the solution, and the Heroix support team gave their assistance.

Summing up, Securicor Sales & Marketing Director Kevin Chevis, stated that "Quite simply RoboMon adds value".

RoboMon and RoboCentral products have so far been deployed to support Securicor across the following client base:-
  • Kent County Constabulary
  • Cheshire Constabulary
  • British Transport Police
  • Warwickshire Constabulary


RoboMon is a layered software product that monitors a running computer, detects system and application problems and solves them proactively. This is carried out before end users experience failures or slowdowns. The product uses a generalised inference engine called the RoboMon Rule Engine which emulates the intelligence and reasoning of a human expert. It also executes the same steps a skilled IT professional would take in order to solve problems.

It is built from the ground up on Windows NT, together with Unix and OpenVMS, so that it operates optimally on all platforms. The underlying design principles and Rule Engine architecture, however, are the same across platforms, thereby ensuring seamless operation in multi-platform environments.

RoboCentral is a Remote Management software solution that consolidates all the consoles for each computer system connected to it, allowing the monitoring and control of all enterprise-wide systems from a central location.


Securicor was founded in the 1930s as specialists in guarding and security services. Since then, the company has earned itself an unrivalled reputation for trustworthiness and integrity. From this rock solid foundation, Securicor has developed into the multi-national organisation it is today. Though the group now operates worldwide as a highly diversified business, the same hallmarks of integrity, reliability and quality of service characterise every Securicor activity.

Electronic communication systems have been developed and skills in selecting carefully screened and vetted staffs are now available to all of their customers. Vehicle servicing and fleet management has grown from managing Securicor’s own fleet of 10,000 vehicles to providing nation-wide workshop coverage. They are Europe’s largest privately owned global distribution and delivery network.

Growth has been dramatic and always initiated in response to the needs of their customers. Their primary aim has been to protect the interests of their clients and help their enterprises to run more efficiently by the provision of cost-effective business services.

Securicor Communications is a group of companies providing specialist mission critical applications combining IT and telecommunications. They are at the leading edge of Radio Networks and System Integration technology in Public Safety and Security, Mobile Data, Automatic Vehicle Location and facilities management.

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